Celtic Winger Tonev banned for seven matches for racial abuse

Celtic’s Bulgarian international winger Aleksandar Tonev was banned for seven matches on Thursday by Scottish FA for racially abusing. He was hit with this suspension after the Scottish football association found him guilty of racial abuse.

Celtic Winger Tonev, on loan from Aston Villa, had been stimulated by the SFA subsequent an incident involving Aberdeen defender Shay Logan during a Scottish Premiership match last month. The Bulgarian was regimented to come out before the SFA’s legal panel, which ruled he had staunch “excessive misconduct by the use of offensive, insulting and abusive language of a racist nature”.

This was really an unfortunate case, but the club has accepted Aleksandar’s justification that he did not say the words that were suspected to have been said and that he is not a racialist.  The punishment was imposed by their disciplinary tribunal which recognized that the grievance in opposition to Tonev on sept.13 was confirmed, SFA said.

A narrator for Tonev’s parent club Aston Villa added: “The place of the club is that racism or any other form of favouritism is distasteful and has no place in football. Tonev, 24, who has played 16 times for his country, stirred to Celtic on loan from Aston Villa in August and the has played eight times in all contests for the Scottish champions.

Logan indicted Tonev, who was creating his unveiling, of ethnically abusing him when the teams met in the game Celtic won 2-1 at CelticPark.