Raheem Sterling broke his silence on Liverpool deal

There were lot of gossips and talks about the Raheem Sterling and the recent controversy about his deal with the Liverpool. There were great talks about his deal with Liverpool and speculation about the huge amount the gained from the contract. The star footballer finally broke his silence and told the reporter that he has turned down a new £100,000-a-week Liverpool deal.

The 20 year footballer added that he is not a money grabbing person and it is not all about money. He aid that wining trophies is important for me and he will always concentrate on it and this is something he is going to cherish throughout his life.

Talking to the media reporter Raheem Shaquille Sterling suggested that he will leave the Liverpool till summer. In a 27minutes long interview on Wednesday, Sterling said that he is committed towards soccer. He doesn’t want to gain any financial benefits or roam in the big cars or have multiple homes. For him football is the game that he wants to play like a kid who loves it the most.

Liverpool is now paying £35,000 a week to sterling and contract will last until 2017. Liverpool is in its bad form and they have not won any major tournament in last 3 years. One can hardly remember the last victory of Liverpool that came in 2012, when they somehow mange to beat Cardiff on penalties and lift the League Cup. If now sterling leaves the team then it will be a big jolt for the team who is already struggling with its form.