Your Guide to Buying the Perfect pair of Baseball Gloves

Your Guide to Buying the Perfect pair of Baseball Gloves 

Baseball – a game of playing catch and throwing strikes! What an art, isn’t it? What do you need to excel in this art? the right pair of gloves! Yeah, you read that right! You just cannot miss out on the crucial step of choosing the perfect glove pair while out shopping to fill up your bag for your next baseball game. Although everyone has their own personal choices and preferences, we have created this guide to help you understand the basics of buying Baseball Gloves.

The rule is very simple – follow the mantra “FFS Fit, Flexibility and Style.”

  1. Fit – The first thing to check is the fit. Choose a glove that perfectly fits your hand. It should neither be restrictive nor it should have any loose ends. Remember the fit of the baseball glove is going to have a major impact on your performance.
  2. Flexible – Now you must be thinking what does a glove have to do with flexibility, right? It is true that your baseball glove must be firm, but it must be flexible as well in order for you to be able to control, grip and respond quickly.
  3. Style – Whatever you are out shopping for, don’t forget about style; pick a glove that matches and enhances your personal style.

Apart from the above mentioned facts, selecting the right pair of baseball gloves will also depend on your position in the field – whether you are a catcher, pitcher, infielder or an outfielder etc.

Remember that the best is what makes you feel the best and most confident. So this new year, give yourself the gift of confidence on the baseball field with, and don’t forget our aforementioned expert advice!

Happy shopping.