Badminton: Match fixing risk at highest level and police investigating

The match-fixing news comes into the highlight after revelations by Danish Broadcasting Cooperation is that two top fasten Danish badminton players were offered to match-fixing in June this year as Japan exposed few days ago. Malay who offered match fixing fees to the Danish badminton players alleges he formerly fixed matches in two of the most prominent tournaments.

It was reported that two players- singles star Hans Kristian Vittinghus and double specialist Kim Astrup were approached by a Malaysian to fix their matches at Japan in June. Both the badminton players rejected the offers and informed the matter to Badminton World Federation (BWF). The first player Hans Kristian Vittinghus rejected the offer and asked the BWF for enquiry. In order side, the second player Kim Astrup planned to get detail of the offer before rejecting the proposal from the match fixer.

The match fixer offered to pay about 3,000 euro per game to Kim Astrup where he also encouraged him for higher money for other proposals for match fixing. At this moment, Norza said that, “We hear of match fixing in order sports, but to hear the match fixing report in badminton is really shocking.”

“It is adjacent to everything I stand for as a badminton player. I was never in doubt that the BWF should be informed instantaneously, and today I`m happy that we had him report,” Hans Kristian Vittinghus said.