Rory thinks about the leeways of a McIl-slam

The talk instantaneously moved to the prospect of the world No. 1 finishing the Career Grand Slam next April at the masters when the Rory McIlroy had succeeded the Open Championship in last July.

The McIlroy triumph the PGA Championship, grossing the fourth foremost title. While selecting his second Wanamaker trophy in three years, McIlroy ratched up the denotation of the Masters even more. He will have great chance to grip entire the four majors at once with U.S. Open win at Chambers Bay if McIlroy trips on a green jacket next April.

McIlroy recognized the prospects of the Mcll-slam where it may all seem a slight impulsive.

McIlroy said that, “If the Masters triumph was to ensue, there could be even more buildup going into the U.S. Open and demanding to seize all four majors at the same time. The Ulsterman, however, brought himself back from thinking too far into the outlook.

Rory McIlroy will be the title for story into the 2015 Masters as he is making efforts to do what merely five other men have done: finish off the Career Grand Slam. But McIlroy mentioned the other day that there might actually be more hype on him at chambers bay in June for US open.

At this the Rory said that, “If that was to happen, there could be even more hype going into the US open and trying to hold the four majors at same time.”