Bajrang win silver and Narsingh Yadav win bronze in wrestling

Asian Games 2014- In the wrestling competition on 29 th September, then Bajrang got silver where the Narsingh Yadav got bronze in freestyle wrestling competition. First the Bajrang has lost of Massoud Iran is fiend of a fighter. Dutt fought and won the 65kg wrestling competition and won the gold medal. Now, it is time for Bajrang to go for the wrestling competition for 61kg freestyle gold from Iranian tough man. Bajrang gives his best with over 40 seconds to go in the second period. But, when the scores were tied then Bajrang had scored last point he could have won the gold.

In the final round when luck receded and poured, the Iranian grabbled the first two points to lead 2-0 at intermission. Bajrang become successful to pin its competitor down in the beginning of second half. Massoud once again flowed ahead but Narsingh speedy leveled it 4-4 with just 35 seconds to go for the bout. At the last time Bajrang has fought with Iranian who had demolished Bajrang, winning 11-0. Bajrang said on the Esmaeilpoorjouybari’ performance that, “He is good on the counter, and so I was a bit careful in the first round”

Esmaeilpoorjouybari become successful to get first point when he pushed Bajrang off the mat. Bajrang was too suspicious so the umpire gave him a 30 second passivity warning which means the Bajrang had to score a point in between the 30 seconds. But Bajrang failed to do that. In the next period, Bajrang attacked and he got Esmaeilpoorjouybari by the legs for a two pointer tying the game. Surprisingly, the India had a noisy fan support in the wrestling pitch. In total time of 77 seconds into the next period Esmaeilpoorjouybari scored two points when he attempt on Bajrang down to his neck.

The semifinal round against Japan turned out to be a neck-to-neck battle. There was petite to break up between the two other face that the Japanese was a bit faster on his feet. Bajrang had fought back in second round and had made a strong comeback to make the scores 2-2. He gets last point in the bout to finally wrap it up 3-1 to enter the final. Narsingh and Pawan didn’t have great beginning but they become able to make it repechage round.

Narsingh who lost the 3-1 Uzbekistan’s Rashid Kurbanov in the Round of 16, defeated Ramazan Kambarov of Turkmenistan 4-1 in a victory by fall verdict in his repechage round to enter the bronze medal play-off. Pawan had earlier won his Round of 16 against Nepal’s Sumir Kumar Sah by Great Superiority but went down to Meisam Mostafajoukar in the quarterfinals after he was entirely outplayed 0-4 by the Iranian wrestler.