Soccer Player Ched Evans wants to revive his career

Ched Evans, a soccer player wants to revive his career after a rape conviction. He apologies for the effects of his shameful act as his bid to adhere English club Oldham looks like fallen through. Evans is not a superstar in soccer game but he is average player so everyone wouldn’t care about him that he is a rapist.

Oldham said that death threats inward by staff, sponsors and fans at the time of intense scrutiny on the third-division club refuse to sign him. Evans disparages those who bunged his “legal quest” to return to professional soccer.

Unfortunately, the ‘Mob rule’ tactics employed by the more radical elements of our society and the constant media reporting has had the desired effect on some sponsors and the club would face significant financial pressure as Evans said on personal website.

Many people have been fined for disclosing the identity of victim and she has reportedly changed her name many times and move. Evans, who has had a petition discarded, is now wants to get his fervour upturned by the Criminal Cases Review Commission. As that, he has not argued the details of the case in public.

His efforts to return to the soccer have shine a insensitive light on English soccer’s approach to behaviour on and off the pitch, and a stoppage to understand the accountability that comes with being in the spotlight of the world’s most popular sport. Should Evans be treated differently from other criminals because he plays a high-profile sport?